Breastfeeding shell


Nursing shells keep the nipples permanently hydrated with breast milk, and promote crevice healing using the wet healing method.
the breastfeeding shells provide daily comfort during breastfeeding: they protect sensitive breast tips from uncomfortable rubbing, they keep small amounts of milk leaking out and thus prevent clothing from getting wet.

The breastfeeding shell is placed directly on the breasts and is held by the bra.

The breast shell is reusable after simple regular washing.

100% natural, they are carefully polished, then checked, calibrated and packaged manually.


We recommend that you choose your size according to that of your areola. For Small and Medium size, do not hesitate to take a little wider than your areola, however, for Size Large and custom, the shell becomes heavier, it is recommended not necessarily cover the entire areola

SMALL: Areola under 5cm (shells between 5 and 5,5cm)
MEDIUM: Areola between 5 and 6cm (shells between 5,5 and 6cm)
BIG: Areola between 6 and 7cm (shells between 6 and 7cm)

SHIPPING : USA : 5,9 euros


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